Terraform, Terraform Cloud and Terraform Registry, and AWS multi-regional deployments (Public + China)

Sharing my experiences and knowledge around Terraform, Terraform Cloud and Terraform Registry while working with AWS deployments into Ireland, North Virginia and China.


This story will focus on my experience around Terraform, Terraform Cloud and Terraform Registry, and well it works with AWS deployments. I will write about my recent achievements and work I recently conducted as part of my current professional work.

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AWS multi-regional deployments

Until this year, I only had a pleasure to work across regions in public partition of AWS. AWS public partition includes regions such as Ireland, Frankfurt, London, North Virginia and Oregon. More about regions can be found in official AWS documentation https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/regions_az/

In my latest challenge I managed to work on setting AWS China, a challenging partition to work with. In order to deploy to China, I used Terraform and most of the things worked fine. However, it wasn’t a smooth process.


Terraform Registry

# Reference that doesn't work and will fail to download
module "vpc" {
source = "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws"
version = "2.77.0"
# Working reference
module "vpc" {
source = "git@github.com:terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git?ref=v2.77.0"

It is a shame that this is failing because of Terraform Registry implementation and this is based on the debug logs are saw. They are all related to the same problem which is logged out as “gnutls_handshake() failed: Error in the pull function”. I have raised the problem with Terraform Support but it doesn’t look like it is a priority at all. For a month I haven’t even received a single response to High Severity issue… Well, be aware to be careful with Terraform Registry as it is not the first time that it caused issues for me.

Terraform Cloud


Project I worked on required me to implement AWS China account from scratch and I have to say that after a month I managed to accomplish everything as expected. This is definitely a step forward for me and for my current employer.

Last part of the project was to deploy all our APIs and make sure they all work in China. This has been a big challenge but I also managed to resolve all the issues and working configurations are deployed. One thing that is still outstanding is the Chinese ICP licence which still be progressed.

AWS China is missing some great services which are supported in a public partition but not in China. The major ones are:

  • ALB Global Accelerator,
  • ECS Insights
  • WAFv2
  • SES

It is absolutely crazy that some crucial services are not available. Especially when you consider the fact that ICP licence process requires you to deploy services with static public IPs. Static IPs have to be then provided to the government for approval and they are regularly checked. When running containerised applications behind ALB, the lack of Global Accelerator complicates things.

Finally, I am happy to share that I have implemented and deployed APIs which are running across three different regions (EU, US, China). They are all deployed using the same Terraform modules and the same pipeline is handling entire deployment from development to prod environments.


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